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Regulations for the provision of services of the Bunch-flowers e-store, hereinafter referred to as "e-store"

§ 1

E-store is an online store owned by Magdalena Kruk.
These Regulations define the rules of transactions in the Esklepie.

§ 2

An E-store is a website where registered users can purchase products and services.

§ 3

Making purchases through the E-store requires the acceptance of cookies by the user's browser.
The website works on a properly configured Internet Explorer, Mozilla Forefox, Google Chrome or another browser updated to the latest version (not older than 2020) and a properly configured browser.

§ 4

To place an order, you must register on the E-store's website and fill out the form indicated on this page.
You can also place an order without registering, which also requires filling in a form.
The order is made by selecting the appropriate item from the offer, selecting the number of items and clicking the "Add to cart" button, then clicking the "Go to purchase" button on the cart subpage. After confirming the selection, user will be transferred to the page for selecting the payment method and the method of receiving the order.
The order can be picked up in person.
The order may also be delivered to the address indicated by the Ordering Party for the appropriate fee indicated in the delivery price list. The choice of the form of collection, if possible, takes place after completing the order.
After placing the order, the Ordering Party will receive an e-mail (in accordance with the option selected when placing the order) confirming the acceptance of the order.

§ 5

The ordering party-consumer who has concluded a distance contract may withdraw from it without giving reasons by submitting an appropriate statement in writing within ten days from the date of delivery. To meet this deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry.
In the event of exercising the above-mentioned right, the Ordering Party-Consumer is obliged to return the delivered order unchanged, unless the change was necessary as part of the normal management of the item sold, and E-store returns the payment for the returned order to the indicated bank account of the Ordering Party - the consumer.

§ 6

If it turns out that the delivered goods are inconsistent with the order, the Ordering Party has the right to replace the goods with the ordered one or a new one.
The ordered goods are sent back to the E-store's account, which covers the related costs.
Complaints are considered within 14 days. If the complaint is accepted, the Ordering Party is sent a new copy in a place inconsistent with the order. If the complaint is not accepted, E-store will send the complained goods back at its own expense.
In the absence of the ordered and defective goods, E-store informs the Ordering Party about it by e-mail or by phone. At the choice of the Ordering Party - the amount paid is returned to his bank account, or another product is sent at the same price, chosen by the Ordering Party. The shipping costs are borne by E-store.